Our Mission

Empower each person to live their passion by being a servant to their purpose so that they may "Rise & Grind or Don't Rise At All™"


The Faith The Fire The Will Power


Brings out the best to build beyond what any being would expect.


For The Faith That Fuels The Fire To Keep The Grind Strong At Will


The essence of what we do is because of our core values

Keep your word! Code of moral ethics to not budge regardless of the temptations & evil amongst us. Clearly! Talking about what your going to do is different than walking in what you need to do. We should not have to preach our principles. Just see how we abide & walk within them by being that needed example. In order to keep our grind strong, we have to keep our integrity.
We learned to not keep our eyes on the prize but to keep our eyes on the process to embrace the present moment while building a future for those who will come after us. Chief Clarity said, “Focus is fire” and standing in love with the process will keep that flame lit. Our core value is in our process to keep the grind strong.

What is a business that talks more than they do? Why rise and not grind? We could talk about this value but we’d rather be about this value. They say, “practice makes perfect” well I say, “practice makes progress & progress is made from execution”. It is time to be that example.
There is no plan B. We do not quit. We do not give up. We do not give in. We declared to Th Most Highs that we will embody integrity via 42 Laws of Ma’at. We will persevere in all that we are sent to do while we are here. We are focused on the mission at hand to empower each person to live their passion by being a servant to their purpose so that they may, “Rise & Grind or Don’t Rise At All™”

Rise & Grind or Don’t Rise At All™