How to Register A Domain


I’ve looked through various sites to bring you the most affordable way to register your domain. Namecheap is the best, more affordable, in the long run. Follow the steps below to own your very first domain for your business.

*QUICK TIP: In order to view each step, click on the Step’s tab you’d like to view.

CLICK HERE to go to NAMECHEAP.COM the website will look like this(see image below):
Choose your domain name and click on the search button (the button with the magnifying glass)
choose domain
You will find out if your domain name is available for purchase. If so, you will see something like this(see image below):

To Proceed, you will click on “VIEW CART”

Once you’ve clicked on, “view cart” it should take you to this page(see image below):

Choose how many years you’d like to own the domain, mind you, the total cost changes per year added.

You can continue by clicking confirm order.

Now you’ll be asked to create an account with namecheap to finish registering your domain. The page will look like this(see image below):
Once you are complete, it’ll ask for your form of payment.

Pay them in the most convenient way possible and you are done.