Are you a good customer?
Are you really?

Let me guess, you tip too, huh?

Saying your please and thank you, effortlessly, huh?

Smiling with ease?

Hoping, knowingly or unknowingly, that employees & other good customers will perceive you as a good customer.

What if I told you that none of that makes you a good customer.

Doing things just to do them cause you’ve done it so much, heard it so much, dealt with it so much that what you say and do isn’t backed by your energy, your ethos.

Saying and doing things without meaning behind them makes what you say not as important. You don’t know who life you are changing, for the better, when you truly mean what you say.

Let me tell you

No matter what cloth you’re cut from, people can sense fake.

People can sense when you say what you mean and mean what you say.

It’s innate in all of us.

By pretending to be a good customer you are actually watering down your character and stepping from all that you are.
That is what this is all about – YOUR CHARACTER.

You’re ethos speaks greatly when you choose to be silent but it is also sensed deeply when you choose to speak through the mouth, from the heart.

This post is not to pick at who you are but for you to become aware of how you emit who you truly are. When you give thanks, do you truly mean it or are you just pretending?

There’s a lot of pretenders in this world. I know you are not one of them.
You reading this?
You can’t be one of them.
Not you!

I got a challenge for you.

Next time, instead of saying thank you or thanks to someone. Switch it with, ” I appreciate…” The dots are for you to fill in the blank.

People have removed the substance behind thank you, so see how it feels to tell someone you appreciate their help. Watch the reaction on their face when they sense the real emitting from you.