The 4th Pillar – Business

The 4th Pillar – Business

The strength, ease and speed of growth of your business solely depends on the consistent focus of your other 3 Pillars.

If you are unsure of your other 3 Pillars then I encourage you to check out last week’s blog post, “The 3 Pillars

Business is 80% of self growth of the spirit, mind, body & 20% mechanics.
This pillar is simple to understand & maintain but requires one major key.

CONSISTENCY in every pillar

How can someone be consistent in their business?
Start by creating a game plan outside your comfort zone that builds habits:

What time you wake up?
What time you go to bed?
What time you read?
What time you exercise?
What time you write?
What time you meditate?

What time of the day you do what you do?
Remember, “a current cannot flow if its waters are in place, all over the place”


Create a process
Learn that process
Set times where you will be laser focused and complete your process.

Whether its posting positive stuff on the daily to uploading a youtube or blog post weekly.
Just be consistent on how you plan to market your business.

There is much you can learn with business. Just research, so you can learn your business or not.