How to Register A Domain

I’ve looked through various sites to bring you the most affordable way to register your domain. Namecheap is the best, more affordable, in the long run. Follow the steps below to own your very first domain for your business. *QUICK TIP: In order to view each step, click on the Step’s tab you’d like to view. Choose how many years you’d like to own the domain, mind you, the total cost changes per year added.


Majority working hard to make someone else’s dream come true, better known as a job. Some take pride of seeing another make their dreams a reality, better known as a man/woman who takes pride in their job. But today: I see so many wanting to build their business, Follow their lifelong dream Focus on living, loving & laughing Some just want that, “life on my terms” People are terrified of the obstacles, adversities, ups, downs, risk & uncertainty that comes with building a business. If that’s you then go crawl back to your job security. Crawl back to that place that eats away at your happiness & time, knowing you need to complete your life’s mission. CRAWL BACK TO WHERE YOU ARE BECAUSE IT IS CLEAR YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE OR You can stop! You can listen! Take …

Focus is Key

There are only two things that uses every muscle in your body and complete attention. Meditation & Reading Allow me to expand your awareness on your spiritual strength *Sidenote None of this came from a spiritual book. This is based off personal experience, common sense and innerstanding of when the mind, body & soul work together in harmony or not. Lets begin We are all aware that one cannot start exercising and do 100 push ups like its nothing. Everyone started at a low number. So lets say we are all beginners of the mind, body & soul and our limit is 20. Lets call that “the threshold” We cannot get pass 20 minutes of reading(mind) We cannot get pass 20 push ups(body). We cannot get pass 20 minutes of meditation(soul) When you hit the 20 minute mark in reading, …

Find A Way Out of No Way

*Find a way out of no way*

Example: You want to start your own business but dont know how to build a website and dont have funds to purchase someones service to do it for you.

Ask yourself, “whats stopping you from learning because you do have the time…”

Food for thought…

Its exactly what i did. Never had funds growing up but i had time and i took that time to learn my craft. You can too.

Like they say, “if it was easy, everybody would do it”